Vape Firm | Why Do Disposables Vapes Taste Better?

Vape Firm | Why Do Disposables Vapes Taste Better?

Disposable vapes have kick-started the vast takeover of vapes worldwide since 2021 such as Elf Bar & Lost Mary helping start the takeover.

Their popularity can be seen for many reasons, such as the convenience compared to a traditional Vape Kit as you can just purchase a desired flavour and use it straight out of the box with little to no previous experience with vaping and no need for any maintenance for the device. This is a big plus for smokers looking to switch as they’re now offered a much simpler way of vaping.

Recently there is speculation that disposable vapes have much more flavour-tasting capabilities than Vape Kits & Pod kits The flavouring used in disposables seems to be more concentrated and intense. 


All e liquid requires flavourings and sweeteners. When vaped, sweeteners tend to stick to the cotton on the coil, which causes the flavour to degrade and affects the overall flavour experience. To Increase the lifespan of coils, e-liquid flavour manufacturers have decreased the amount of sweetener within the ingredients. 

Disposables have a different approach when it comes to coil longevity as the devices only have 2ml of e-liquid which is equal to 500-600 puffs which usually lasts about a day or maybe even two depending on usage. This means disposable flavouring can have as much sweetener as possible compared to e-liquid because the liquid will run out before the coil degrades.

Nicotine Salts

Nicotine salts also known as Nic salts are found in most disposables. Nic Salts have a lower PH level and offer a smoother hit and intense flavour compared to freebase liquid in Vape kits, which is harsher on the throat. But Nic Salts aren’t limited to just

disposables as brands such as Nasty Juice and Pukka Juice have had salt E-liquid for quite some time and a lot of brands now have their own line of Nic Salts.   

Can you get the disposable flavour in vape kits? 

Brands such as Elf Bar, EluxRandMSKE Crystal barsMK Bar, Twister, Prime Bar and Bar Series are bringing intense flavour to vape kits paired with devices such as the Vaporesso Xros2/Xros3 and many other devices are now delivering flavour tasting as close to disposables than ever before.

Are pod kits as simple as disposables?

Not only are these pod kits bringing amazing flavour they're also very simple compared to older generations of vape kits as they have easily interchangeable coils/pods which don't need to be unscrewed as they are push-fit coils. Most of the time the coil is integrated into the pod which requires you to change the entire pod instead, so no need for a mess of e-liquid on your hands. Most devices for instance the Vaporesso Xross 2/Xros 3 and many others offer auto fire (no need to press the button to fire up the device) this is also a huge plus for people who are trying to get off disposable vapes who also enjoy not needing to press a button to fire up.


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